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– Our Mission –

Poiesis Limited, a cyber-security company, was designed to help organizations build advanced cyber defense and risk management capabilities. We are a provider of strategic, operational, and advisory cyber-security solutions.

– About Us –

We believe that your approach to cyber-security should be planned, managed, and executed based on your organization’s specific needs. Poiesis Limited can assist you to develop cyber=security resilience with approaches tailor-made to suit your organizational needs which may border on policy setting, contingency planning, technical training, threat awareness, assessments, and exercises.

Poiesis Limited is in business to help you attain your critical cyber-security goals- be it delivering hands-on training, consultative and collaborative services, or delving into network testing battlegrounds, we’ve got you covered. If you desire the services of a cyber security company that will help you get ahead in today’s competitive business environment by harnessing the people, processes, and technology you already have, then, we are your best bet.

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