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POIESIS – /pɔɪˈiːsɪs/

Poiesis Limited, a cyber-security company, was designed to help organizations build advanced cyber defense and risk management capabilities. We are a provider of strategic, operational, and advisory cyber-security solutions

What We Do?

Cyber-Security occurrences are increasingly common and have actual costs in time, money, and reputation. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t hire enough experts to detect and respond to these threats. Moreover, more and more business are being carried out on platforms like mobile devices and cloud services, making it challenging for traditional IT and security to keep up.

Testing your technology to discover cybersecurity breaches is only a fraction of the solution. Testing your people and processes to ensure a holistic security tactic across your network, endpoints, and applications is also vital.

At Poiesis Limited, we leverage on a range of technologies to design, implement and support various network and infrastructure solutions with both security and quality of service in mind.

As organizations grow, it is imperative that the foundation on which all network services depend is both reliable and secure.

Data storage fortifies all facets of IT – be it a platform for virtualization or storage for mission-critical data. It is vital that organizations not only choose the right storage platform but also accurately select a solution that can deliver the right capacity, performance and data protection.


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